Energy - Renewables

Does Energy for Palmdale’s Independent Choice offer a net energy metering program for qualified solar electric and other distributed generation systems?

Yes. Through Energy for Palmdale’s Independent Choice (EPIC’s) net energy metering program, called “EPIC Empowerment,” customers with net energy metering systems have the opportunity to receive credits for future energy service and even receive cash back when their systems produce excess energy. As part of EPIC Empowerment, your system’s energy production will be monitored on


How can I be sure Energy for Palmdale’s Independent Choice is offering clean energy at the lowest possible rates or procuring 100% renewable energy on my behalf?

We are required to report to the California Public Utilities Commission and California Energy Commission on an annual basis to verify the amount of renewable energy procured for our customers. This is the same standard used by other California utilities, such as Southern California Edison, for verification purposes.


How much clean energy does EPIC provide?

Energy for Palmdale’s Independent Choice’s standard product, “EPIC Power,” offers clean energy at the lowest possible rates, and meets or exceeds state mandates for renewable energy sourced power. Upon the start of service, all customers are automatically enrolled in EPIC Power. Customers also could choose to opt up to “EPIC Power100,” which is 100% renewable

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