Epic Empowerment Option

For those who generate solar/wind power

You can offset your power costs by producing energy and selling excess power generated to EPIC.  This option is for individuals or businesses who have, or are considering, a power generation system; such as solar or wind.

With EPIC you can earn substantially more for every kilowatt hour you provide back to the grid compared to the net energy rates offered by Southern California Edison (SCE). Currently, EPIC’s net energy reimbursement rate is higher than SCE’s current Net Energy Metering  (NEM) rate, which changes on a monthly basis.

With the EPIC Empowerment program, you’ll receive an energy credit for the power your system provides to the grid. At the close of each month, the amount of grid energy you have consumed and contributed is tallied. You will be billed if the amount of energy you used is more than contributed. If your contribution is more than what you have consumed, a credit will be issued. Each October, on the true update, the kilowatt usage is evaluated. If your energy production exceeds your energy consumption at that time, a rebate is issued based on $0.06 per kWh. It is as simple as that! For more information, please see our EPIC Empowerment Policy.

How to Enroll

Customers who are already enrolled in SCE’s NEM program will be automatically enrolled in EPIC’s NEM program upon enrollment with EPIC. When you enroll, your NEM account will be settled with SCE and you will be switched to EPIC’s NEM program, EPIC Empowerment for the generation portion of your bill.

  • EPIC residential customers will be automatically enrolled in EPIC’s NEM program in October 2022.
  • EPIC commercial customers will be automatically enrolled in EPIC’s NEM program on their SCE NEM settlement date beginning March 2023.

For customers who are new to Net Energy Metering, call SCE to get set up and request your interconnection application. Once you’ve completed the SCE NEM enrollment process, you will automatically be enrolled in EPIC’s NEM program if you are an eligible EPIC customer

Here are a few differences between EPIC’s NEM program and the generation portion of SCE’s NEM program:

  • EPIC customers pay their bill each month instead of once a year as is the default in SCE’s NEM program for some types of customers. EPIC will true up all customers on an annual basis each October, rather than on a unique date for each customer.
  • All Residential NEM customers will have their first true up in October of 2024.
  • All other Commercial NEM customers will have their first true up in March of 2024.
  • EPIC customers who generate more than they consume in a year will be eligible for net surplus compensation at rate which is higher than SCE’s net surplus compensation rate.