On October 1, 2022, Palmdale residents will have a new default power provider: Energy for Palmdale’s Independent Choice (EPIC). Created by and for the City of Palmdale, EPIC will offer clean energy at competitive rates.

Our partner Southern California Edison (SCE) will continue to transmit power to your door, maintain the grid, and provide billing.

Because EPIC is a locally managed, not-for profit entity, any excess revenue generated by the program will be reinvested in the community through innovative energy projects, programs, and other incentives.

By default, customers will be enrolled in EPIC Power, but may opt up to EPIC Power100, our cleaner, greener option of 100% carbon-free energy. Customers also may choose to opt out and remain with SCE.

What Stays the Same and What Changes

New Stays the Same
Call SCE to start or stop service and report outages
Receive one bill each month
Low income (CARE and FERA) discounts and medical baseline
Net Energy Metering (NEM, for solar customers)
Choice of energy providers
Locally-controlled pricing
High carbon-free content
Revenue reinvested into locally chosen programs

Our Values

EPIC remains accountable to the community we serve, not shareholders.

You choose how much of your energy comes from sustainable, carbon-free sources.

We purchase clean energy at competitive rates for residents and businesses.

EPIC is committed to providing local green energy projects and energy efficiency programs to benefit our community and the environment.

You’ll reduce greenhouse gas emissions when you choose to receive a higher percentage of cleaner electricity.