Enrolled EPIC customers are entitled to one plug-in unit or one wall-mounted unit per household on a first-come, first-served basis until resources are depleted. The program is designed to allow customers to choose the option that best suits their charging needs.

Plug-in: up to $250
Wall Mounted and 240 Volt Outlet Installation: up to $550

Customer Information

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Charger Information (1 Per Household)

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Certification & Signature

I certify that the information I provided on this application is correct. I have read the program guidelines and terms & conditions on the back of this application and understand and agree to them.
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Program Terms & Conditions

1. Applicant must be an EPIC customer with an active EPIC residential account in good standing. 2. Application must be signed, dated, and contain ALL supporting documentation. 3. EPIC is not responsible for items lost or destroyed in the mail or by email. 4. Applications must be submitted no later than six months from the date of purchase and are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. 5. Rebates are limited to one (1) residential account. If applicable, the applicant must have approval from the property manager, owner, or homeowners’ association to install the charger or outlet. 6. The rebate amount is for new equipment, installation, and/or permit fees only and cannot exceed the progam maximums. 7. Hardwired chargers and 240V outlet installations must have a final City of Palmdale Building & Safety Division permit. 8. Installation must be completed by a licensed electrician. An invoice or receipt from a licensed electrician must be provided. 9. Chargers that are resold, rebuilt, received from warranty insurance claims, or won as a prize are not eligible for rebates under this program. 10. The electric vehicle must be DOT-approved for highway application. Golf carts, neighborhood carts, electric scooters or bicycles, and other low-speed vehicles are not eligible. 11. If requested, applicant will provide an EPIC representative reasonable access to residence to verify the installation and location of the EV charger. Applicant understands that a rebate will not be issued if applicant refuses a verification inspection. 12. This program may be modified or terminated without notice.