Energy for Palmdale’s Independent Choice (EPIC) became Palmdale’s default energy provider for residents in October 2022, and extended service to commercial customers in March 2023.

As an alternative to the local private utility, EPIC provides clean energy at competitive rates. With a mission that emphasizes local autonomy and sustainability, EPIC is also committed to using program revenues to fund municipal projects that benefit the entire community.

While EPIC offers customers a new choice in where their power is sourced, the program continues to partner with Southern California Edison (SCE) to handle energy transmission and delivery. Customers will continue to receive one bill each month, with the EPIC charges corresponding to renewable energy procurement service and the SCE charges covering the energy delivery process.

A key advantage of EPIC’s service is allowing community members to choose their renewable energy content. Customers are automatically enrolled in the default EPIC Power option but can decide if they’d rather opt up to EPIC Power100 and receive 100% renewable energy. Customers can even offset energy costs by producing their own solar or wind power and selling it back to EPIC. This model of customer choice and empowerment encourages a broader commitment to clean energy.

Sustainability is a driving factor behind all community choice aggregation programs. EPIC’s program puts Palmdale on a promising path to achieve our climate action goals and carbon emission reduction targets. To learn more about Energy for Palmdale’s Independent Choice, please visit EPIC’s website.