Energy for Palmdale’s Independent Choice (EPIC) has partnered with OhmConnect to offer customers an opportunity to save money on energy costs. OhmConnect is an optional, free service which pays customers for the energy they don’t use, particularly during peak hours when energy demand is high. By reducing energy consumption during critical hours, customers can earn rewards and incentives, such as gift cards, through OhmConnect’s program.

Once enrolled in the program, OhmConnect will send customers alerts during critical hours, encouraging them to take the option of switching off energy-consuming devices to earn rewards.

Enrolling in the program comes with additional benefits. Customers who connect their utility will receive a $50 cash reward and can choose between a smart thermostat for $0.99 (valued at $129.99) or two smart plugs. Participating in the program will not affect their utility plan, and they can opt-out at any time.

Overall, EPIC is committed to providing clean power while helping customers save on energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint. Our partnership with OhmConnect advances this objective and we hope customers will take advantage of this special offer.

To enroll or learn more about this program, please visit OhmConnect’s website.