Energy for Palmdale’s Independent Choice (EPIC) is proud to support the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in its efforts to provide accessible and affordable utility services. A key program under the CPUC’s umbrella is California Connect, which offers telephone communication access for Californians with hearing, vision, cognitive, mobility and speech-related disabilities.

Funded by the CPUC, California Connect ensures everyone in California can communicate effectively and comfortably. The initiative allows consumers to connect with the world using specialized equipment, relay services and speech assistance programs. All products and services are fully subsidized, removing any financial barriers.

EPIC is committed to advancing California Connect and other CPUC programs that offer equal access to communication in today’s interconnected world. To demonstrate support of the program, EPIC hosted a booth at Palmdale’s National Night Out event in August, sharing informational flyers with attendees showcasing how they can get involved. EPIC encourages all residential customers to explore the program and make use of its accommodating services.

Visit California Connect’s website to learn more.