Electric customers in the City of Palmdale will be enrolled in Energy for Palmdale’s Independent Choice starting in October 2022 unless they choose to opt out. Those customers enrolled will have the opportunity to opt out within 60 days of the enrollment date with no penalty. After the first 60 days of service, Southern California Edison will charge a one-time administrative fee to make the switch. That fee is $0.47, as of August 2022, and any adjustments to that fee is set by SCE and approved by the CPUC. After the 60-day enrollment period, if you choose to return to SCE service immediately, Southern California Edison (SCE)’s transitional rates and customer responsibility surcharge will apply for a 6-month period. You may also choose to provide SCE with a 6-month Advanced Notice of your return. Under this option, your generation service will continue to be provided by EPIC for a period of 6 months.  After the 6 months waiting period, your account will be transitioned back to SCE’s bundled service rates. With the 6-month advance notice, the transitional bundled rates and customer responsibility surcharge do not apply.

Under either option, you may apply to opt back into EPIC at any time but may be put on a waiting list in the event of a large number of return requests in that time period.

As an Energy for Palmdale’s Independent Choice customer, you may choose to switch between our two product offerings, EPIC Power and 100% renewable EPIC Power100, at any time.