The California Choice Energy Authority (CalChoice) hosted its annual All-Member Meeting from November 1-3 in Santa Barbara. This event brought together CalChoice associate members and partners, providing a platform for discussions on regulatory affairs impacting community choice aggregators (CCAs). The City of Palmdale’s Innovation and Environmental Division and Public Works Department represented EPIC at this year’s event.

“We were happy to send participants to the 2023 All-Member Meeting and have them connect with other associate members and partners in attendance,” said Palmdale City Manager Ronda Perez. “The All-Member Meeting provides an excellent opportunity to build and foster connections with brilliant innovators. They learned so much about the initiatives of other CCAs and were excited to bring those ideas back to Palmdale to improve the benefits for our residents and businesses in the program.”

The meeting included a round-table discussion, where each CCA shared updates about new program victories and plans for the future. Palmdale contributed to the discussion by highlighting the next steps for EPIC’s electric vehicle (EV) charging program, in which residential customers have the chance to receive a free (or significantly discounted) EV charger, with the goal of reducing carbon emissions and encouraging green transportation in Palmdale. He also shared details about their upcoming research study, which will help create a plan to electrify the City’s fleet, in accordance with State mandates.

The meeting also provided a discussion about Credit Support hosted by Pacific Energy Advisors and was followed by a presentation from NRG, entitled, “Power Market Update.” Subsequent sessions covered regulatory and legislative updates, the Income-Graduated Fixed Charge (IGFC) policy and expansion plans for the Commercial Solar Plus Battery Storage program.

“The meeting provided a venue to learn from other CCAs in California, where a range of topics were discussed, including industry developments, new program opportunities and exciting plans for 2024,” continued Perez. “I’m already looking forward to hearing reports from next year’s meeting and cannot wait to move forward with EPIC’s new programs.”  

Energy for Palmdale’s Independent Choice is a proud member of the California Choice Energy Authority and looks forward to attending the 2024 CalChoice All-Member Meeting next year.