Energy for Palmdale’s Independent Choice (EPIC) has partnered with Tesla Inc. and Participate.Energy to offer customers the Power Choice program. Customers who enroll in Power Choice will benefit from solar and battery storage, without the cost of installing and owning a system.  

The Power Choice program allows current EPIC customers to lock in long term energy savings through the benefits of solar and battery storage, with no upfront costs or credit check required. 

Tesla will install the rooftop solar panels and Powerwall batteries, giving homeowners access to clean, on-site power. Participation in the program not only enhances grid resilience, but also helps reduce electricity costs. EPIC will continue to serve as the power provider and participants will receive one monthly bill based on their power usage – exactly as they do now, making it a cost-effective way to obtain renewable energy. 

Beyond providing energy savings and improved resiliency, the batteries also offer emergency backup power during disasters or power outages. 

EPIC is committed to providing clean energy at affordable rates, while also offering beneficial opportunities for its customers. Supporting programs like Power Choice helps put Palmdale on a path to a more sustainable future.  

To enroll in the program, please visit EPIC’s website.